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What is the difference between a manual hydraulic forklift scale and a forklift scale?


What is the electronic forklift scale? It is a new product that will replace the traditional hydraulic forklift in short-distance cargo transportation. It is also a high-precision weighing product with both weighing and transportation functions. In China's short-distance cargo transportation, it will use its versatility and high precision to let us see new ways of short-distance logistics transportation.

In recent years, the rapid development of China's e-commerce industry has driven the development of the logistics industry. Long-distance distribution does not need to be said. There are high-speed vehicles such as cars, high-speed rails and even airplanes to help. The most troublesome thing for the logistics industry is the last "100 meters" of cargo transportation. In the transshipment and loading and unloading of short-distance goods in warehouses, it is inconvenient to use large forklifts, and manual hydraulic forklifts have become products in warehouse short-distance transportation work.

Manual hydraulic forklift is a dual-purpose vehicle for short-distance transportation and loading and unloading. Due to manual operation and convenient transportation, it is especially suitable for short-distance loading and unloading transportation in automobile loading and unloading, workshops, warehouses, docks, stations, freight yards, etc. Flexible rotation and easy operation. In most of the product transportation, many enterprises often need to weigh the goods they transport, and then load and unload the bulk goods and then weigh them. This not only consumes manpower and material resources, but also makes the goods distribution process more cumbersome. Efficiency, electronic forklift scales came into being.

Nowadays, we can often see the electronic forklift scale in the short-distance transportation of warehouse goods, but many electronic forklift scales are used for transportation, but in the actual weighing, the weighing data is often inaccurate. Happening. In order to solve this problem, a special electronic forklift scale was introduced. This electronic forklift scale adds all the functions of the manual hydraulic forklift while adding weighing function, and with its unique high-precision load cell, it can accurately weigh the goods while transporting.

The weighing principle of this product is based on the load cell mounted on the tines for weighing. First, the load is applied to the load cell on the fork, and the sensor transmits the signal to the weighing instrument. The processor automatically performs the calculation to derive the weight data and displays the resulting weight on the meter screen. In addition to high-precision weighing sensors, this electronic forklift scale also has many advantages such as easy and labor-saving mobile, hydraulic drive weighing platform lifting, special high-precision intelligent large-screen LCD weighing instrument, etc., not only to achieve a dual-use, It also improved the performance of the hydraulic forklift part of the product.

At present, manual hydraulic forklifts still occupy the mainstream position in the Chinese market, and will gradually become practical and functional in the future, which is also a good opportunity to open the electronic forklift scale market. At the same time, the electronic forklift scale with both weighing and transportation functions, simple operation, energy saving and environmental protection will replace the traditional manual hydraulic forklift as a short-distance cargo transportation product in the future.