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What are the characteristics of high-quality fall arrester?


Anti-dropping device is also called speed difference device. It can quickly lock and lock falling objects within a limited distance. It is suitable for hoisting goods, protecting the safety of ground operators and damage to objects that are being lifted.

The product is suitable for the protection against accidental falling of a suspended workpiece when the crane is lifted. It can effectively protect the life safety of ground operators and the damage of suspended workpieces. It is used in metallurgy automobile manufacturing, petrochemical engineering construction, electric power, Shipbuilding, communications, pharmaceuticals, bridges and other places of work. This product is only part of the system. Fall-proof systems are: vertical life systems and horizontal life systems. Horizontal life systems are used more widely.

Anti-dropping device works:

The anti-dropping device adopts the unique “double locking device” structure, which has stable locking, high safety factor, and good reliability. It effectively solves the accident caused by the impact of tilting operations falling too large and hitting other objects.

Anti-dropping control system uses special steel and special treatment, light weight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aluminum alloy shell, light weight, not aging. Safety ropes use aviation wire ropes. Slings and seat belts are fire-retardant and resistant to high temperatures of 200°C.

Fall prevention method of use:

The speed difference type automatic controller is fixedly suspended above the operating point, and the rope and the belt half of the Safety Belt are connected together in a semi-circular ring, and the rope can be pulled out at will and operated in a certain position. After the work is completed, the person moves upward and the rope is automatically recovered from the controller. When falling, the self-controller is affected by the speed for braking control. During the test, the length of the rope was pulled out by 0.8m and it was required to simulate that the human body fell when the distance was less than 1.2m.

Fall prevention precautions:

1. The anti-dropping device must be high-hanging and low-hanging, and should be hung on the user's solid blunt edge structure.

2. Check the safety rope and appearance before using the fall arrester and try the lock 2 or 3 times. (Test lock method: pull the safety rope at normal speed and it shall give out "beep" and "click"; The rope should be able to lock, and the safety rope should be able to be automatically recovered into the device when it is released. If the safety rope cannot be completely recovered, just pull out some safety ropes.) Stop using if there is an abnormality.

3. When using the anti-dropping device to perform tilting operation, the slope should not exceed 30 degrees in principle, and 30 degrees or more must be considered whether it can impact the surrounding objects.

4. The key parts of the anti-dropping device have been specially treated for wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and have been carefully tested and used without adding lubricant.

5, anti-dropping device is strictly prohibited to use the safety rope kinks. Do not disassemble and modify. And should be placed in a dry and dusty place.