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Super-thin hydraulic jack operating points and internal cushioning devices

As a user in the actual manipulation of ultra-thin Hydraulic Jack, which pivot point to pay attention? Today, Xiao Bian collects reorganization analysis for everyone. Pay attention to these pivot points so that you can use hydraulic jacks more handy.

1. Accurately place hydraulic jacks and electric hydraulic pumps, connect the electric hydraulic pump circuit, pay attention to the point: Do not connect the wrong motor circuit.

2. The hydraulic pump must be filled with hydraulic oil. The fuel tank cap should not be tightened too tightly. Touch the motor switch so that the motor runs normally. Please note that the motor runs clockwise.

3. Connect the hydraulic jack and hydraulic pump hose, pay attention to the point: the oil jack hydraulic jack bottom interface.

4. Debug the hydraulic jack, note that: The first time the piston rod is tested, it is a normal phenomenon to jump the convex rod. After the air is emptied, it will rise normally.

5. Operate the ultra-thin hydraulic jack to raise and lower, pay attention to the point: to operate the reversing valve to change position, do not wait to adjust the high and low pressure of the hydraulic pump.

The above is the pivot point for hydraulic jacks that Xiaobian shared for everyone.

What are the hydraulic jacks inside the buffer device of the ultra-thin hydraulic jack? We all know that when the ultra-thin hydraulic jack is in use, its inner piston will have greater momentum due to inertia, so as to reduce the mechanical shock generated when the moving part with the greater momentum reaches the end of the stroke and collide with the cylinder head. Affecting the accuracy of ultra-thin hydraulic jacks and damaging ultra-thin hydraulic jacks, then we need to set the buffer device of ultra-thin hydraulic jacks.

Under normal circumstances, ultra-thin hydraulic jack buffer devices are what? Small series for everyone to collect and rectify the following two:

A. unloading type, which means that when the piston moves close to the cylinder head, the valve stem of the two-way buffer valve first touches the cylinder head, and the valve stem is pushed away from the valve seat that acts as a seal, and the two chambers of the Hydraulic Cylinder pass through the buffer valve. The opening of the high-low pressure chamber to communicate with each other, the pressure difference between the two chambers of the cylinder is reduced rapidly to achieve buffer;

B. throttling type, which means that when the hydraulic cylinder piston moves close to the cylinder head, the oil in the low pressure return oil chamber, all or the department through the fixed throttling or variable throttle, back pressure formation resistance, to achieve Reduce the buffering effect of piston speed.

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