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Scale heart manual hydraulic forklift scale introduction and electronic forklift scale maintenance precautions

Scale manual hydraulic forklift scale introduction and stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel material precision manufacturing, the overall brushed surface process treatment, to meet the use of waterproof, anti-corrosion occasions; special mold stamping structure body, equipped with 4 special stainless steel" target= _blank>Stainless steel special sensor, which makes the installed module and the body organically integrated. The waterproof junction box is equipped with stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel display. The structure is firm and the appearance is beautiful. The waterproof and anti-corrosion performance of the whole scale is super strong.
The car body has a ceiling of 85mm~200mm.
For the different tray specifications of the user, a wide fork with a fork width of 56 cm and a 68 cm wide fork are generally available.
Standard display device AC and DC, rechargeable battery, with weighing display, zero, peeling, accumulating and other basic functions. According to the user application or management needs, you need to choose a display with printing function, job number design.
Scale heart electronic forklift scale features:
The whole scale is made of stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel, which is waterproof and corrosion resistant.
Standard waterproof junction box.
Standard waterproof junction box.
Built-in all-stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel high-precision forklift scale dedicated load cell, combination of stability and special processing technology, strong lateral resistance.
The weighing module design of the special die stamping structure, the module and the car body are organically integrated, and the scale body is firmer.
German imported cylinders: to avoid the shortcomings of oil leakage, the hydraulic workers will not affect the durability of the cylinders if they are used violently.
The truck moves the roller with a high-strength nylon wheel: it is lighter.
The forklift scale, which can carry goods and can be weighed, is undoubtedly a very practical weighing tool and is widely used in various industries.
Forklift scales are divided into different types. Not all forklift scales used in each industry are consistent. Actual analysis should be based on actual conditions, that is, the price of hydraulic forklift scales used in each industry is not necessarily constant. So if you can sell high prices in the vegetable and fruit and meat markets?
How much high-priced forklift scales can be sold in the end, many businesses are considering and trying this problem, with the high-grade stable industrial forklift scale quality in the commercial market was instantly escaped from the market, because the forklift scale price is commercial products 2 Times or even 3 times, so the demand in the market is unacceptable, because the commercial market use accuracy is not as high as the industry, and even the frequency of use is very general.
Therefore, in the vegetable market, the price of selling forklift scales is generally not too high.
The following is a detailed description of the maintenance of forklift scales:
[1] It is strictly forbidden to use strong solvents (such as benzene and nitro oil) to clean the casing.
[2] Do not inject liquid or other conductive particles into the instrument to prevent damage to the instrument and electric shock.
[3] In order to ensure the clarity and service life of the instrument, the instrument should not be used under direct sunlight, and the place should be relatively flat.
[4] The sensor and instrument should be connected reliably. The system should have good grounding, away from strong electric field and strong magnetic field. The sensor and electronic forklift scale should be away from strong corrosive objects and away from inflammable and explosive materials.
1. Do not use in the presence of flammable gases or flammable vapors; do not use in pressure vessel canning systems.
2. In areas where lightning strikes frequently occur, reliable lightning arresters must be installed to ensure the personal safety of operators and prevent lightning damage to the instrument and corresponding equipment.
3. Sensors and meters are static sensitive devices. Anti-static measures must be taken during use. It is strictly forbidden to perform electric welding operations or other strong electric field operations on the weighing platform. During the thunderstorm season, reliable lightning protection measures must be implemented to prevent lightning strikes. Damage to sensors and meters ensures the operator's personal safety and the safe operation of weighing equipment and related equipment.
[5] Before plugging and unplugging the electronic forklift scale and external equipment, the instrument and corresponding equipment must be cut off!
1. Before plugging and unplugging the sensor cable, you must cut off the power of the instrument (shutdown)!
2. Before plugging and unplugging the large screen connection, you must cut off the meter and the large screen power supply!
3. Before plugging and unplugging the communication cable, you must first cut off the instrument and the upper electromechanical "target=_blank> machine power!
[Six] Finally, it should be noted that the electronic forklift scale should not be used in places with severe dust and vibration to avoid use in humid environments.
Through the above description, it is known that there are many factors affecting the normal operation of the electronic forklift scale, so it is also necessary for its comprehensive maintenance work. Http:// Editor: (Hardware Business Network Information Center)

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