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Novice in the use of hydraulic pump should pay attention to what issues


Hydraulic electric pump is a type of hydraulic machinery that we often use. Novices should pay attention to some problems when using the hydraulic electric pump. Avoiding improper operation will impair the normal use of the hydraulic electric pump in the future.

We are in the use of any product due to improper operation or the product itself and other issues, resulting in the use of the product is very prone to problems, which requires us to understand the product is very thorough, know where the problem can be achieved Trouble in the first place, but for the hydraulic electric pump is even more so, we use the product in the process, which should pay attention to problems to better avoid the emergence of failure problems?

hydraulic pump

In fact, the hydraulic motor pump operation failure, we need to find out the problem, so the product will be oxidized during use, the acidic substances produced by the oxidation of hydraulic oil will increase the corrosiveness of the metal, resulting sludge sediment Things will block the filter and small gaps, so that the hydraulic system is not working properly, and therefore requires good oxidation resistance. Also note that, in the transfer of hydraulic electric pump, be careful not to make the electric hydraulic pump control handle knock bump.

Hydraulic electric pump need to be done before using what inspection and maintenance work

First, the first is the trial run, listen to any noise, if so, should promptly cut off the power, check the entire electric pump station to find the cause of noise and solve again test machine. The general cause of noise is mostly lack of lubrication, because electric pump station movement fast, high temperature, grease volatile faster, add grease in a timely manner, generally do not wait to appear after the noise and then add.

Second, motors and fuel tanks are all important components of complex energy conversion. Focus on these two components to see if they need to be refueled or oil-changed to see if they are working properly and to see if the dust in the holes is good or not.

Third, check the status of the switch, to prevent a sudden start, before the electric pump station should be turned off to prevent the sudden start after power on the device is damaged. Fourth, check the oil temperature to see if it has been operating before the boot, such as oil temperature overheating, the best after the hydraulic oil cooling starts to run.

Fifth, check the line, check the line, including check and electric pump station on a line whether there are other new access to the electrical equipment, can guarantee the stability of the voltage, the power cord skin is intact, has not been cut Or crushed.

Sixth, test machine, to see if the manual valve is sensitive and effective, with or without bad phenomenon.

Seventh, the power cord is not free to extend or replace, to confirm the power of the ground well.